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Personalized water for hotels is a welcome gift that is always highly appreciated by customers. Whenever they travel and arrive at the hotel or after a long day of sightseeing, they are tired and what they want most is a bottle of water. In addition, you will be offering added value to their experience.

Why give personalized water in Hotels

As we have just mentioned, a welcome gift in hotels is always a surprise for the customer and adds value to their experience. With this small detail, you will make a good impression and make your stay a ten. During vacation stays, guests just want to enjoy and relax. Receiving them with small details and promotional gifts hará que se sientan especiales y cuidados. 

No hace falta que sean grandes ni extravagantes regalos, sino que más bien hablamos de gestos sencillos, básicos, y no costosos, pero útiles y atractivos.
Por ejemplo, aunque resulta muy básico pensar en el agua personalizada para hoteles como regalo, está demostrado que es uno de los regalos más valorados por los clientes. Y es que muchas veces lo que más valoramos son las cosas más simples y básicas, c omo puede ser beber agua fría después de un largo día de calor en verano. 

Dejar una botella en la habitación del cliente cada día, demostrará que
el hotel es detallista y se preocupa por hacer sentir a los clientes como en casa. Además, es de vital importancia hacer utilizar agua personalizada para hoteles si el agua del grifo de esa zona no es de muy buena calidad. 

Otro beneficio es que muchas veces visitarán la ciudad con la botella en la mano o incluso se la lleven de vuelta a sus casas, por lo que harán publicidad del hotel.
Una nota de bienvenida to guests will be the best complement to this promotional gift . In it you can wish them a happy stay and provide them with the hotel's contact telephone number, as well as write their names and make it more personal.

Personalized water models for Hotels

At The Brand Company we have numerous models of water bottles to customize You will be able to find your ideal design: brick, plastic, in the shape of a ball or in different sizes. An example is the bottle of our own brand The goddess of Water in brick format. We have two designs in two different colors so you can choose which one best identifies with your hotel. The Goddess of Water está compuesto por más de un 75% de papel que reduce el desperdicio de plástico. Además, el plástico del tapón procede de la caña de azúcar.  Esta opción es perfecta para eventos y caterings. Su diseño es alegre y elegante, perfecto para darle la bienvenida a los clientes. De hecho, nuestra botella de agua personalizada para hoteles, La Diosa, ya se encuentra recibiendo a los huéspedes en varios hoteles de lujo.

Hotels that use personalized water as a gift

En The Brand Compan y trabajamos de la mano con varios hoteles reconocidos para poder darle a sus huéspedes el mejor servicio posible. A continuación os hablamos de algunos de ellos:

  • Acta Hotels
Acta hotels are a chain of urban hotels located in cities such as Barcelona, ​Madrid, Andorra and Porto. ​
  • Hotel Sofía 
The hotel Sofía is located on the diagonal in Barcelona. It has five stars that are represented by the fashion, sophistication and exclusivity of the hotel.
  • Mandarín Oriental
El Mandarín is located on Paseo de Gracia, in Barcelona. It is one of the most valued hotels in the city. It offers a wonderful blend of style and five-star luxury.
  • Único Hotels
Unico Hotels have five stars and are located in large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona. They are also found in Majorca. They convey a lifestyle focused on quality and sophistication
  • Villa Favorita
Luxury hotel located next to Paseo de la Concha in San Sebastián. It allows you to experience the intimacy and charm of an original 19th century villa.
  • Aire de Bárdenas
The Aire de Bardenas hotel is located in the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, in Navarra, northern Spain. It is a hotel different from all the ones you have visited. We collaborate with this hotel with the 333 round bottle, perfect for sightseeing and letting you enjoy your experience with The Brand Company. Making a first impression is essential. Contact us  and together we create the best memory for your clients!

The best personalized water option for hotels

You always remember your stay anywhere in the world because of how they made you feel or the details they had with you. For this reason, giving personalized water to hotels is a small gesture that can be of great benefit to them. At The Brand Company, we have very diverse options for all types of hotels. If you want more information or take a look at our hotel catalog, visit us or  contact us directly. We will wait for you!

Personalized water for company events

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